Sunday, October 12, 2008

Behind the thymes...

Okay, so I am a little lagging here.... I have had a couple of meals recently with my friend and restaurant reviewer Monika. Unfortunately, the little Hill Country Kitchen in Dripping Springs, was rather poor food. Country-cute decor, and friendly service, but the food needs major work.

On the brighter side in DS, Rolling in Dough &Thyme right on Hwy 290 is adorable (nice yard with prolific flowering plants for sale), and the BEST croissant I think I have ever had! I ate it the next morning for breakfast -- heated up, and had some butter with it -- so flaky and tender! The cats were watching me eat it, waiting for little buttery flakes to fall. These alone may be worth a trip out there.

Oh, and the new Home Depot out there..... practically empty, and there were a plethora of employees, and they were all friendly, and happy to help customers! Really, in a Home Despot! Now that's worth the trip!