Saturday, June 11, 2022

*The End*

Times are changing...

Well friends, the time has come to put this blog to rest, permanently. What began in September 2008 prior to a trip to Morocco kept going for 573 posts to where we are now. As I prepare to move out of Austin, it is time. All good things come to an end, right? {Also, don't you hate it when you come across a cool blog but their last post was four years ago? What happened?!}

I started the blog as a creative outlet; I've always thought of myself as a decent writer and I have a good understanding of my palate. I've tried to communicate why I liked/disliked foods/dishes beyond just saying "it was good" because anyone can do that. What are the tastes, the textures, does it meet the menu description? Also when I started blogging, there wasn't really search engine optimization or analytics to be concerned about, and hence I have never bothered to be concerned with them. I am not in this for generating a high number of "likes" or other metrics. Plainly put, I don't really give a fig. It's never been my desire to be a social media influencer. It is very gratifying though to hear from someone who did read my post and appreciates my food recs and writing, so thank you. 💓

Leaving Austin and selling my South Austin home of 24 years does not come lightly, but after dealing with the Covid era (or "coronial times" as a good friend calls it) and then snowpocalypse/snowvid in February 2021 it definitely makes me want to be closer to my family. Albuquerque will be my new home come the end of June. Only one state away, but SO different in so many different ways.  And you can't really be South Austin Foodie living in Central Albuquerque, can you?  While I won't be updating the blog, I will keep it hosted + accessible, but will keep my Instagram page going, though undoubtedly the name on IG will change once I get settled. Give me some suggestions for a new IG handle!

I already have some Abq food recs, so if you need some holler and if you have some to share, don't be shy! 

I've been in Austin altogether for 28 years. It has changed, much of it for the better. But I am ready for a change as well. It has been my pleasure being South Austin Foodie for the last 14+ years. Onward.

Yours in good food, 

-- Suzanna

Part of my 50th birthday celebration with my closest girlfriends
 earlier this year at Becker Vineyards.