Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yeti Frozen Custard

A big Austin welcome to Yeti Frozen Custard! They have just recently moved to Austin from San Diego to launch their business, and are serving up cool, creamy, velvety deliciousness! Located at 1502 S. 1st Street, in the lot with LA Barbecue, at Elizabeth Street. Look for their teal blue truck (with the giant yeti) in the back of the lot. They're currently keeping hours the same as LA Barbecue, 11am til sold out, Wednesdays through Sundays, though with SXSW this week, they've also been hosting some music showcases. So if you come for barbecue, don't forget about dessert!
Yeti has vanilla and chocolate custard, and can also make you a Dizzy Yeti, with your choice of a topping (like a Blizzard from DQ, but better!), or a Floating Yeti with fizzy soda or Cuvee coffee. I had a Dizzy Yeti -- chocolate custard with peanut butter cups mixed in (trust me, they're in there!). See their website for the full menu.
This is Andy in her truck! Check their Facebook page and/or Twitter feed for updates; they have been really good about keeping these current, which I appreciate, and their branding is really spot-on. Yeti is delicious, and I am excited they are in my neighborhood. So go stop by, and tell her I sent you!
Oh, and you can take a pint home too!