Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Top Photos of 2019

Well, January's not quite over but I am slightly behind the times! Here's my Top Nine photos from Instagram in 2019! Are you following me on IG?! I post more over there than I do on the blog.

Going clockwise from the top:

  1. My one non-food picture, my main man #CharlieWhiskers
  2. Chicken tinga tacos at ATX Cocina
  3. New product from Upriver Cacao, cold brewed cacao, being demoed at Central Market Westgate
  4. Hong Kong Noodles with char siu pork at Me Cong Bistro
  5. Carbonara at the Artipasta trailer
  6. Chicken liver mousse from Winebelly
  7. Setting up for a Kamayan dinner at Be More Pacific
  8. H-Mart's food court, including the Korean fried chicken and onion rings at Donkey Mo's and udon + tonkotsu from Roba Katsu
  9. My homemade miso soup
Happy eating, y'all and here's to another year of delicious eats (and fuzzy cats!).