Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bacon Fat Shortbread

Well, duh. You don't expect me to throw away the liquid molten gold that is created when you cook bacon, now do you? There's been a lovely little jar in my fridge, collecting the drippings. I actually don't use it all that much, but a little touch here and there really can boost the flavor of certain dishes. Then I came across a recipe on another blog -- see the original post here -- for bacon fat shortbread cookies. OMG!

I decided to tweak it a little, and what developed was shortbread bars, with hibiscus sea salt. If you've read some of my previous posts, you'd heard my affinity for sweet & salty flavors. This certainly hits that spot! The sweetness from sugars (both regular & brown), savory from the lovely bacon flavor, and salty from the touch of purplish hibiscus sea salt.....while I like the flavor the hibiscus gives, another good quality sea salt or fleur de sel would work.  If you're dying for the mouthwatering recipe, drop me a line..... I'll share! All in the name of bacon. Hmmm, wonder how this would be with some little bits of bacon IN it???