Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few local eats

Sunday, we poached around the house all day, and watched the Redskins beat the Cardinals. Late afternoon, we decided to head out to Spicewood (35 miles to the west of Austin) for some good ol' Texas BBQ.

Opie's (www. opiesbarbecue.lbu.com) is one of the best places around, and it doesn't hurt that they've got a new building with lots of seating, and friendly service. As we parked and walked to the entrance, you could see the smoke from the outdoor pit billowing in the air, and the aroma of fresh roasted pig wafted our way. We got the prime rib & a half rack of baby backs; a little spicy corn, cole slaw, and pinto beans accompanied our meal. The prime rib was great -- lightly pink in the middle, and served with an optional au jus and horseradish. The ribs were flavorful and tender, but this rack was a bit on the fatty side. They had a healthy dose of spice rub on them, as did the lightly vinegary BBQ sauce. I've had better ribs there before, but this won't deter me from coming back!

For lunch on Monday, we went to an old Austin standby, Kerby Lane -- www.kerbeylanecafe.com It's a 24 hour place, with breakfast served all day, and good salads, sandwiches, tacos, etc. Dad got the very dense gingerbread pancakes -- 2 flapjacks, about 10 inches in diameter, and a good 1/2 inch thick. Mom got salmon tacos, and I had a ceasar salad with grilled chicken. I asked that they not put too much dressing on the salad, and it was perfect! It was a really good salad, that could be made better if they made their own croutons, instead of using a commercial one.

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