Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blue Dahlia Bistro

In the revitalizing stretch of East 11th Street, just a stone's throw from IH-35, sits Blue Dahlia Bistro. Located in a re-purposed building, there's patio seating in both front and back, and while too cold to make good use of it this past Sunday, the back area particularly looked inviting for warmer times. You walk in, and a sign says to seat yourself. There's both some bar stool-height tables, a couple large community tables, and a smattering of two-tops. I took up the end of one of the nice wooden community tables, and waited for my two friends to join me.
Breakfast items are served all day, and overall, the restaurant has a commitment to local, fresh, and organic whenever possible. Originally thinking I would get the waffles, I changed my mind after hearing about the frittatas of the day; two of us picked the sausage and mozzarella one, and the other, the olive, artichoke (I think), and feta. The very nice fresh, basic salads come undressed, and there are bottles of oil & vinegar on the tables, as well as three hinged jars -- Nutella (or close facsimile), orange marmalade, and raspberry jam. Thought the frittata was good, but not outstanding; a bit overcooked, so somewhat dry on the inside and crusty in parts on the bottom. The breads - one whole wheat, the other white were both tender and delicious. Really didn't need the jams on them!

Our waitress was very friendly from the get go; also very honest too. When we were asking about some items on the menu, she said the frittatas were always some of her favorites, things like chicken salad you can get anywhere, and the blintzes on the breakfast menu should be considered more of a dessert item. So we split the blueberry blintzes for dessert, and they were delicious! She was right about them though, sweet, rich, and it would have been too much as a breakfast item.
While we were there for brunch, the other portions of the menu look really interesting, and I'd like to go back for dinner! Cassoulet, bouillabaisse, ratatouille.... all those good French-inspired dishes!

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