Friday, February 10, 2012

Bits and BItes

-- Sort of open.... while Get Sum Dim Sum's spot at 44th and Lamar closed, Satay (it's sister restaurant) is currently serving dim sum on weekends.
-- Kebabalicious is moving from trailer to brick-and-mortar at 1311 E. 7th, opening later this month.
-- New trailer from the Peached Tortilla peeps, Yume Burger. Grand opening this weekend at Hops and Grain.

Trailers on the Move
-- Dock and Roll has left the Westlake area for the South First street spot, next to Izzoz and Gourdough's; 1503 S. 1st. Lobstah rolls.
-- Kate's Southern Comfort has gone east to 1604 E. 6th at Comal.

-- Red Door Pizza is on hiatus, and will apparently look for a new location; property bought by the Eddie V's/Moonshine/Hopdoddy people.

-- A weekend of love with a $55/person three course dinner at Urban Grill, February 10 - 14. 
-- Contigo having a non-Valentine's Day family style dinner, on V-day, $35/person.
-- SugarMama's Bakeshop will deliver on Valentine's day -- make your order/reservation now.
-- Celebrate Texas Independence in style at Jack Allen's, on March 7th with drink specials from Republic Tequila, a pig roast, and live music. Mmmm, pig!
-- Sagra is starting a Sunday Supper series, the third Sunday of the month. For $50/person, you get six courses, plus wine pairings; contact them to make a reservation. The menu looks delicious!

I am hearing GREAT things about Easy Tiger, especially the pain au chocolat! Need to go....


  1. I'ma need to get down to Easy Tiger, too. I've heard the best things! I love these posts as it helps a girl way out in the sticks find the best spots to hit when she gets that way. Thanks!

  2. Kebabalicious sounds really good. I'll have to try this place out when I'm in Austin. Another great post.

  3. Just went to Easy Tiger for lunch takeaway from the bakery - perhaps the best pain au chocolat in the city tied with Baguette et Chocolat's way out west Austin - just like in France. The ham/butter is the real day - I almost cried to eat a real jambon-beurre sandwich. Only thing they did slightly different was no cornichon pickles and extra ham. They always skimp on ham in France so that was an Americanization I am in favor of.

    We need to Easy Tiger together - Greg is dying to try out the beer list. I am in love.

  4. Dana -- call me! Let's go!

    FYI, Dana & her family lived in Paris for what, almost 2 years, so she knows her food!