Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bits and Bites

-- Matt Odam, the food critic for the Austin American-Statesman has unveiled his list of Austin's Top 50 restaurants. Great list, some old warhorses that you expect to see, some newer spots, and some I had never heard of! I think I have been to 37 out of 50 -- so many places, so little time! And money! ;)
-- Tickets are on sale for next Sunday's Wine and Swine event! Looks like an amazing line up, and I will be there volunteering with some other food blogger friends!


  1. I've been to 7 of the 50 restaurants so far! I think that's pretty good for only living here 7 months. We should knock another off both our lists in Nov together. :)

    1. You are absolutely right! Would be great to see you -- let's talk! :)