Saturday, April 6, 2013

RIP Fran's

Sadly, the Fran's on South Congress at Mary Street has lost their lease and they will close on Sunday. I went with friends G + M today to pay our respects. M grew up on South 2nd Street, and went to Fulmore Middle School which is catty-corner to Fran's. He said he'd been going there since he could barely see over the counter. As we were eating, he said: "You know the thing about Fran's? The burgers always taste the same. Just like I remember them." I am sure they've been using the same flat-top grill since they were Fran's + Dan's, many moons ago.
The two ladies working at the counter today confirmed the rumors; the one on the left said she grew up there, as her parents had worked there before her. They said there were no current plans for relocation, but the spot on Cameron Road remains open. There's various memorabilia lining the walls, from the license plates to photos, including a Friday Night Lights poster. Several of the diner scenes used in the tv series were filmed here.

We'll miss ya, Fran! 

And we'll pray that this corner doesn't become a new high-end condo project. We still need some character in South Austin.

Update, 4/7/2013
According to an article in today's Austin American-Statesman, Fran's chose not to renew their lease.


  1. Boo. I have a sweet memory of taking my daughter there after seeing the bats at dusk. We used to watch the bats across the road on a grassy area next to the Statesman parking lot.