Friday, April 24, 2009

The Knife Sharpest

No, you can't eat there. But I am THRILLED beyond belief to have a new location of the Knife Sharpest very close to my house! It has just ophbklened up in an old house at 1906 S. 1st Street, next to La Mexicana Bakery, and across the street from Sugar Mama's. No more having to drive all the way up to Burnet Road!

I walked over this morning to drop off 7 knives in definite need of a honed edge. The guy working there said he's had a lot of restaurant business so far, but it's been slow getting the word out to the non-restaurant world -- so spread the word! It's $3.50 a knife, and it's CASH or CHECK only. I know at the Burnet Road location, I've taken my serrated bread knife, and I think that's cost a touch more. Looks like both locations are equipped to sharpen just about anything that needs it, so get your knives & garden tools in line!

The Knife Sharpest 1906 S. 1st St. (about 3 blocks north of Oltorf), Austin, TX 78704. 592-0587, (no website listed on their flier) M - F, 10a - 6p, Sat 10a - 4p

So I dropped my knives off and went over to La Mexicana. If you've never been in there, it's a sight to behold. Two HUGE counters of Mexican pastries, panaderia, cookies, etc. And they make pretty darn good breakfast tacos. I actually opted for a package of their house-made flour tortillas (surprisingly, no lard) and queso fresco from their refrigerated case (they have stuff like cold drinks, eggs, and some other dry grocery items... not to mention calling cards, insurance, etc for those with family in Mexico), and made my own black bean tacos at home. Not as tasty as their refried beans & chorizo, but my arteries will thank me too!