Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Best Things I Ate In 2020

While I think we're all ready to kick the year 2020 to the curb, there fortunately have been some outstanding food highlights for me.  More details also on my Instagram. The first three were in-person dining experiences, and everything else has been carry out. Presenting in chronological order of when I ate them.

Old Thousand's brisket fried rice

Bone marrow at Comedor.

My one trip of the year was to the San Francisco area the end of February; the massaman curry lamb shank from Nari was stellar.

I made a coconut cream tart for a friend's birthday, recipe from Dorie Greenspan.

La Patisserie's gluten free chocolate hazelnut cake. *swoon*

Le Bleu's grilled pork banh mi, eaten social-distance style with a friend, each of us in our cars.

Beef enchiladas and colorful sides from El Dorado.

I have fallen in love with all things Vivian's Boulangerie! Here the chocolate croissant. I've ordered a few times from this online bakery; they deliver or you can pick up from their kitchen. The caramelized shallot and brie tiger paws are also a complete downfall for me.

El Naranjo's costillas de res (boneless beef short rib with goat cheese mashed potatoes) and huitlacoche empanandas. 

French dip, Vietnamese style from 20Pho7, a food truck at South First and Live Oak. Incredible flavors!

Little Ola's sausage + egg biscuit for comfort food indulgence.

Thai Fresh has long had my favorite pad thai in town, but I only recently discovered their fried chicken skins! A side of sauteed veggies makes it all healthy, right?

The new Mumtaz Market and their amazing lamb burger.

So there you have my top dishes of the year!  All this delicious food, and proud to say I've lost 30 pounds through intermittent fasting, and eating what I want. 😀

What are your favorite meals of 2020? Stay safe, y'all and let's make 2021 an outstanding year!