Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Knead Bread!

A no-kneading multigrain bread! And it's good! A friend had told me of a book that features no-knead bread recipes, and in the February issue of Eating Well magazine, they ran five different recipes from the book, including this multigrain.

I started it late Tuesday evening, and let it rise overnight, for about 15 hours total. (Shoulda taken a picture of the first rise, but I didn't think of it!) You then stir it, put it in a Dutch oven, sprinkle it with additional seeds, slash it, and let it rise for about another 2 hours before baking.

It is a large, very heavy loaf, with a large crumb, and a very chewy crust (did I mist it with too much water when it went into the oven?). When I slice it real thin and toast it, it reminds me of those very dense Scandinavian breads. It's been great with butter, and also with pb & j. I think it would be lovely sandwich bread if I had deli meat or the like at home to put on it! It will take me awhile to go through this loaf....if you want a piece, let me know!

All things pork

The one and only Bacon Explosion. Weighing it at 4 pounds, it's pure pork pleasure with sausage rolled up inside! Not made by me, but it was well-received at my recent pork-inspired pot luck. Mmmmmm.