Friday, June 10, 2016

The Best Foods I Ate in Japan

I just returned from a two week trip to Japan. Here's a look at what I ate!
Soba Noodles from Ukiya
Soba and tempura from Ukiya, outside the Nishiki Market
Soybean crackers at Nishiki
Fresh soybean crackers at the Nishiki Market
Soymilk donuts, also at Nishiki
Ippudo Ramen spicy bowl
Spicy ramen bowl from Ippudo Ramen
Ippudo Ramen traditional pork tonkotsu bowl
Traditional pork tonkotsu bowl at Ippudo
Karu hot pot
Hot pot place called Karu
Tofu and eggplant
Tofu and eggplant at a teppanyaki place
Pork tonkatsu
Pork tonkatsu with miso soup
Foie gras at Motoi
Foie gras with mango at Motoi, a French one-star Michelin restaurant
Wagyu beef with seven kinds of peas/beans (sugarsnap, snow, edamame, lima, fava, petit and I never figured out the last one!), also at Motoi
Unagi donburi (grilled eel) in Oyabe
Unagi donburi bowl (grilled eel over rice) in a rural town called Oyabe, near where my paternal great grandparents are from. This was one of my most favorite meals the entire trip.
Sashimi  in Kanazawa
Gorgeous sashimi place at Kusunoki in Kanazawa
Eggplant with miso
Grilled eggplant with miso also at Kusunoki
Goma tofu
Goma (sesame) tofu at Natadera Temple
Kanazawa-style ramen
Kanazawa-style ramen (traditional pork broth cut with dashi to lighten it a bit)
Oysters at Omicho Market
Oysters bigger than my hand at Omicho Market in Kanazawa

Kuroman Market Osaka
Making oobanyaki and takoyaki at Kuroman Market in Osaka

Tako pops
Tako pops
Kabocha squash at Kuroman Market
Kabocha squash at Kuroman Market
Okonomiyaki in Osaka
Okonomiyaki in Osaka
Matcha Tea
Matcha tea