Sunday, April 5, 2020

Eating In the Time of Coronavirus

That's eating in, as in during this epidemic, and eating IN your own homes.

You would have to be living under a rock to not know that coronavirus/COVID-19 has invaded our world. Literally. You've heard it all, social distancing, stay at home, wash your hands, Every aspect of our daily lives is affected. But we still have to eat.

I've been cooking, and about once a week, I am ordering take out from local restaurants. They need our help! Many businesses are offering online gift cards that you can purchase now and you can either use them at the places that are offering contact-free pick up or delivery, or save them for when it is safe for businesses to reopen. Check the website of your favorite places, and don't forget to tip the restaurant or delivery person when you order food! I fear that the unfortunate reality is many of the smaller businesses will not survive.

Also if you're able, support some of our area non-profits who are also scrambling to serve the community. I've made small donations to Central Texas Food Bank and All Together ATX.

Here's a look at what I've been making and ordering. Thankfully, I've always been one to eat leftovers, so many of these got me at least three meals.
Central Market Westgate produce department
The produce department at Central Market Westgate on March 15th, the day before the official shelter in place order was given for the city of Austin. Not a potato or onion was to be found! Just a couple small acorn squash, and I did buy one.

Lamb shank massaman curry
If you saw my previous post on my trip to San Francisco in February, I've been obsessed with the lamb massaman curry from modern Thai restaurant Nari. Here's my first attempt at re-creating it! Not bad, but not quite the same. 
Bao'd Up Chinese Comfort Food bao and bowls
Bao'd Up has three locations in Austin, and offers Chinese comfort foods such as bao and bowls, which I have really enjoyed. They invited me out to help spread the word they were open for business! I particularly loved the guabo, this one with fried fish. Looking at their online menu right now, it appears they have limited their selections.

Focaccia bread
I've been making this same focaccia recipe since the late 1990s (!). Unfortunately, this batch didn't turn out as well as previous ones, possibly because it was over-kneaded. 

Thai Fresh drunken noodles, fried rice, shrimp
Thai Fresh has long been one of my favorite spots for Thai food in Austin, as I love their pad thai. I opted for something different this time, the drunken noodles, fried rice and shrimp fritters. 

Polkadots Bakery cupcakes
Happy birthday to me! Sweet friends dropped off these cupcakes from Polkadots

Flank steak
Sometimes you just need some medium rare flank steak.

Via 313 Detroit Style Pizza
Detroit-style pizza from Via 313!
Sewing facemasks with Molly and Charlie
And I spent an afternoon making some facemasks. With my very helpful assistants. 

Friends, it is some strange times we are in. Stay safe.