Sunday, July 21, 2019

First Look: Carpenters Hall

Oh computer. I had written an entire blog post on Carpenters Hall at Carpenter Hotel (400 Josephine Street) and the computer ate it. So here's the abbreviated version.

I liked the lunch I had, but I didn't love it; I think the brunch menu interests me more. For a weekday lunch, clientele didn't seem all that diverse. Lots of millennial ladies who lunch, including lifestyle blogger Camille Styles. Loved the decor. Had a great waiter.
Carpenters Hall decor
Restaurant interior. Love the bench seating and they kept the old union hall banner.

Carpenters Hall kitchen
The kitchen

Carpenters Hall corn nuts and salami
Corn nuts and what they call mole salami. Which when I asked the waiter about it when ordering, I understood it to be salami with a mole sauce. No, it's salami with a chile oil with some mole-like flavors. Hmmmm.
Carpenters Hall grain bowl
Beautiful grains bowl, but honestly, not all that interesting.

Carpenters Hall burger and french fries
Double burger with some of the most amazing fries I have had anywhere. I would go back just for these. 

Carpenter Hotel coffee shop
Coffee shop in lobby area.

Carpenter Hotel cookie
Large and delicious salted chocolate chip cookie. 
What's been your experience at Carpenter's Hall? What dishes did you have? Would you go back? Anyone stayed at the hotel? What are the rooms like?