Saturday, October 1, 2011

Austin Bakes

I have been making buttermilk biscuits for Austin Bakes, a community-wide bakesale that will donate all proceeds to The Austin Community Foundation Central Texas Wildfire Fund,  which is supporting the victims of some of the recent wildfires in Bastrop, Spicewood, amongst others. The bake sale will have seven locations throughout town, and local bakers, both individuals and professional businesses are donating baked goods to the sale.

Austin Bakes was created this spring, with a bake sale that supported Japan's tsunami relief efforts via the AmeriCares organization. With only a couple locations, they raised over $11,500! Today's event is poised to smash that amount! The amazing organizer behind Austin Bakes? The spunky and tireless Kathryn Hutchison, also known as Austin Gastronomist!

Thank you Kathryn for all of your work!