Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walton's Fancy & Staple

Stopped by Walton's, the new business from Sandra Bullock on W. 6th, next to the Hoffbrau. It's a really nice physical space, big doors, high ceilings, lots of light. The front half is a deli/pastry case/coffee bar, and the back section a flower shop. Sort of an odd split to me. According to the interviews with staff a couple weeks ago when it opened, they say "a bride can get everything she needs for her wedding except the dress." Hmmmm. Interesting concept, but are you spreading yourself too thin?

At 4:30 on a Monday afternoon, there seemed to be several employees, but no customers. The gal at the counter was friendly; I asked if business had been good so far, and she said particularly at lunch. I bought a blueberry muffin to go, which I heated up and ate for breakfast this morning. It's not your traditional "muffin top" muffin.... these are a flat top with a streusel topping. While the flavor was good, they were very dense, and underbaked, giving it a bit of a gummy consistency in some spots. But for $1.25, not bad. I was intrigued by the almond croissant, but had a hard time justifying $3.00 for one, so the muffin won out. But now I wonder if the croissant would have been the better choice.

Why haven't they updated their website??? It looks fairly pathetic.

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