Monday, October 19, 2009

The State Fair

Went up to Dallas for the State Fair last Thursday. Beginning with this billboard, which says it all, here's a quick recap:

Of course, had to start with a Fletcher's Corny Dog!

We moved onto one of the finalists in this year's competition for best new fried food, a thinly sliced sweet potato on a stick, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Delish!

After checking out the car show, we picked up the winner of this year's new fried foods, the fried butter, and went to see the dog agility races. Unfortunately, the butter was a total dud! You can get plain, cherry, grape or garlic. We opted for garlic, so immediately after the balls come out of the fryer, they are doused in the flavoring. When you bite into it, it oooozed, and then you discovered, it was still raw in the middle, AND the ooze was certainly a margarine flavor, not butter. Not impressed. We didn't finish these.
We then stumbled upon last year's winner, chicken fried bacon! Oh yeah!!! Hands down, the best thing we ate. So on one side of the picture, you have the bacon, and on the other, you've got pork chips, thinly cut pieces of pork, in a slightly spicy batter, and of course fried. Both were quite good, and really would have been incredible with a bit of cream gravy!
Moments after we polished off the fine pork products, I saw a booth doing fried Nutter Butter cookies! Yum! These were a great idea, but the execution could have been better. They are dipped in what I think is probably a funnel cake batter, and dropped in the oil. Well, 1) I don't think the oil was hot enough, and 2) they weren't left in long enough. So the flavor was good, but they weren't crispy like they should be.

While I was eating my NBs, my friend found the Green Goblin she had been seeking. It's cherry peppers on a stick, stuffed with guacamole & chicken, battered, fried, and smothered with queso.
Quite inventive!
Another friend of mine was there on Saturday, and reported that the deep fried peaches were delicious. Will have to wait til next year to find out!

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