Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Odd Duck Farm to Trailer

Finally made it tonight to the new Odd Duck Farm to Trailer! Not even that it's been open all that long (six weeks?), but it's not far from me, and I love the concept -- locally sourced ingredients and a seasonal daily-changing menu. It was a beautiful evening out, and arriving close to 7:30pm found a crowd in the Duck parking lot. While Gourdough's was also open (Austin Brevita coffee had gone to bed for the night), most of the business seemed to be for the Duck.

Two of us split four items: the grits (the full crossed out line reads "cheesy grits with broccoli and farm egg"), grilled toast, ham & cheese, and pork belly. After at least a 20 minute wait, I went up to ask about our order after seeing food go to two parties who ordered after us. Not entirely sure what the mix up was, but in about 5 minutes we had everything but the slider. Good thing my friend from Boston and I had plenty to catch up on! Sorry the pics of the food are so bad, but there was no light under the umbrella-d table!
Without going in to major detail at the moment, everything was good, and I will happily return. The grits were perhaps a bit under seasoned (but I do admit to liking my salt), and soft boiled/poached eggs aren't my thing. Grilled ham & cheese (Montasio, an Italian mountain cheese) also had some grilled mushrooms in it, a nice touch. Pork belly was very fatty (duh), but really nice smokiness to it. Very fresh butter lettuce & sliced radishes on it. The fresh ricotta on the toast was nice, maybe it too could have used a smidge of salt. Not sure I could describe the turnip flavor, and I've never eaten that many to be able to pinpoint it.

Too full after the pork belly for a Gourdough's donut, I am sad to say!

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  1. Thanks for the scoop. I can't wait to go!