Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fried Green Tomato

This cute little red trailer is not at the Whistle Stop Cafe, but rather the SoFi Food Court, which is the southwest corner of South First and Live Oak streets. At present, there are three tenants, Fried Green Tomato, Grill Haven (sandwiches), and Arancini (Italian). (Previous occupants included Cafe Racer, which moved to East 6th and Pick up Stixx, which is now called Trey's Cuisine over by Gourdough's and Odd Duck on South Lamar.)

I wandered over during the noon hour for some lunch. After looking at their menu, I asked the guy inside for his suggestion: the pimento cheese sandwich or the crab cake slider, both served with fried green tomatoes, of course! He definitely paused and thought about it before recommending the slider. And for $4, this is what I got:
Brioche roll with a nice crab cake, that was mostly crab, NOT filler; that's the fried green tomato at the 6 o'clock position, and a very nice mixed greens salad with the Louisiana remoulade on it, as well as on the bun. The crab cake was tasty, the FGT was fried well so it was nice and crisp on the outside, and the remoulade had a real good horseradish kick to it. I should also add it was a very fresh salad, with some more unusual leaves in it...perhaps baby totsoi or mache?

The guy working (I am sorry I didn't catch his name) was really friendly, and brought the food out to me. Food and service, thumbs up all the way around. Hopefully FGT will be a long-standing fixture at SoFi. I will be back for that pimiento cheese sandwich!

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