Monday, October 10, 2011

Japanese Meals

Our group had it's "welcome meal" last night. Many things I have not experienced before! 

Starting with sea grapes and tofu with smoked bonito flakes and cucumber with sesame sauce, and bonito flakes. The "grapes" had a really lovely texture, sort of like eating caviar -- little bursts popping in your mouth.
Salad with burdock root strips, and cucumber with sesame sauce and dried bonito. 
Gyoza with yuzu and pepper sauce.
Okinawa bitter melon with bonito flakes (very bitter!).
Shishito peppers with miso (what was interpreted was miso, but it would have been another soy form).
Sashimi -- kompachi with sesame, soy, and sake, with nori on top (too much sauce, couldn't really taste the fish).
Two types ramen noodles: the more traditional in a lighter dashi-style broth, or the scorched. The latter is Okinawan style, and not as readily available. I believe what they said was they scorch the miso paste in a pot, and then add the broth, noodles, etc. I really loved the depth of flavor from the scorched. Could have eaten the whole bowl if we had not had these other courses beforehand. Will have to figure out how to make this!
Ask me about breakfast! (Yes, that's breakfast!)

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